Our Team

Stephanie Howard


Waylon Woodward

Project Manager/ Managing Partner

Micah Taylor

Director of Business Development & Finance/ Investment Partner

Stephanie and I have worked together in several ventures over the years and our history of working together combined with a rock solid friendship made joining her on this adventure an easy and exciting decision!  After climbing the corporate ladder for many years, I was ready for a change and following in my serial entrepreneur father’s footsteps was always my destiny.  After a career that included Corporate Executive, Territory Sales Manager, Accounting/Project Management and Recruiting roles spanning a decade and several corporations, it was only fitting that I bring that skill set to the Ann Aaron team.  I am fully accredited as an administrator/interpreter of the iMAP Personality Assessment which we rely upon heavily for hiring and placement decisions.  I double majored at Dallas Baptist University with a BAS in Psychology and Business Management and am pursuing my Master’s at Texas A&M, Gig ’em!  I embrace fully the hard work it takes to build your own dreams so expect big things from the Ann Aaron team, the future looks amazing!

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