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Do you have storm damage?

Hail damage is devastating to property, especially vehicles and roofs. Damage to roofs however can go undetected for quite some time. Though your roof may not be leaking or the leaking isn’t visible from the interior, the damage has been done. It will cause deterioration and further damage over time. Hail damage is typically covered by home insurance
policies. However, depreciation of the value of your roof by your homeowner’s insurance company also happens over time, possibly lessening the amount of your claim. Scheduling a free, no obligation inspection is the best solution, and we’re here to help! Complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch promptly!

We'll walk you through the claim process

We guide you through the entire operation! We explain step by step, simplifying an otherwise complicated process!

  1. We will inspect your roof and determine if there is damage or if ling a claim is unnecessary.
  2. If we find damage, we will document the damage with photos and advise you to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company.
  3. Your insurance adjuster will call and schedule a time to come out, and you will let him/her know your contractor will be attending the appointment.
  4. Once the adjuster inspects the roof and approves the claim providing the claim estimate, we will go over it and make sure they didn’t overlook anything. We will also determine what work they have paid for that you want us to perform.
  5. We will meet with you to go over the contract estimate of work to be performed, as well as the lifetime warranty contract.
  6. Once the contract is signed, we’ll schedule the work and get started restoring your home!
  7. Once the work is complete, we will collect the amount paid by the insurance company and accept your deductible payment. For an Replacement Cost Value (RCV) policy, we will file a Certificate of Completion with your insurance company informing
    them of any work we did not complete in order for the second depreciation check to be released which will be paidupon receipt.

Looking to purchase a new home?

Call us before you buy your home for a free roof inspection

Are you buying a home or a Realtor representing a home buyer? Did you know roof damage is the number 1 and quite commonly overlooked problem on home inspections? We have replaced numerous roofs for customers who recently bought their home after it passed inspection only to find the damage was caused long before they bought the home. Don’t let this happen to you! Schedule a free inspection and we will document the condition and provide a report. We’re here to help you!

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